A Risk Acceleration Officer. Man, I love it.

Also love how you sign off with "Misbehavingly yours, ".

You're making people live their most authentic lives, and that is a noble mission. You have my respect.

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It is interesting to me somewhere along the way we have determined a significance threshold for our actions. Courage looks different to each of us. Is one act of courage more courageous than another? I think this is a rather impossible game to play. Some acts of courage lead us in the exact direction we were searching for. Other acts of courage might strip the roads away. Some may have dollar bills at the end of the decision; others may require giving money away. But the important part, like you said, regardless of the act, is that you took a bet on yourself. Like Brene Brown has said a million times over, there is no courage without vulnerability. These actions feel exposing and scary. However, in my opinion, for what it is worth, no act of courage outweighs another. Where we see returns is continued courage - keep taking bets on yourself; keep leading with vulnerability.

I am so happy you said yes to being coached in front of a room of viewers. There's no way they don't love you Rick! Button click or saving the world, you should be proud of yourself.

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