What is Break a Rule & Why Should You Subscribe?

My name is Rick Lewis.

I’m a speaker, author, entertainer, and professional development coach.

We’re all looking for our people, those like-minded individuals whose friendship encourages our growth while also celebrating who we already are. And you’re probably wondering, could this be a doorway to finding my people?

Here’s how to tell.

If you agree that:

  • Breaking rules is not only enlivening, but essential,

  • Stretching outside of one’s comfort zone is more fun than watching Netflix,

  • Sharing our gifts with others is what makes life worth living,

—then you’ve probably found your people.

Break a Rule is the culmination of decades of my own personal experiments in professional settings, combined research I’ve conducted into psychology, neuroscience, professional development, and the unsolved mysteries of hair loss (explained by my photo above.)

Break a Rule as a training platform stands on nearly 30 years of experience presenting to individuals from a countless number of industries, cultures, locations, and roles.

My desire has always been to build a community and training system to help professionals consistently deepen their authenticity, experience the joy of growth, and thrive at work.

Break a Rule is designed to help:

Becoming a member

Anyone can benefit from the Break a Rule model by signing up for a free subscription and following the publicly available updates that are shared several times a month.

Paying members to Break a Rule receive:

  • The full text of, 7 Rules You Were Born to Break

  • Recurring Use of the Risk Finder Quiz

  • Access to Quarterly Community Rule Breaking Sprints

  • Access to the Complete Challenge Library

  • The Ability Leave Comments and Questions on Challenges

  • Unrestricted Access Beyond the Paywall to Weekly Articles

  • Invites to the Community Chat Threads with the App

  • Surprises That I Can’t Name or It Wouldn’t Be a Surprise

Sign up now for a free or paid subscription and get an instant link to the Risk Finder quiz. The link will arrive in your welcome email.

Join the crew

Be part of a community of people who share your interests.

You’ll have the opportunity to take charge of learning and development for yourself or as a leader of your team, engage in thoughtful conversation about growth with a like-minded community, and start succeeding in your own courageous and unique way.

And, oh yeah, you might also have a little more fun while you’re at it.

Sign up now for a free subscription and get an instant link to the Risk Finder quiz. The link will arrive in your welcome email.

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The key to an incredible life—personally and professionally—is to repeatedly & playfully step out of your comfort zone. Break a Rule makes growth easy with curated micro-challenges that help you keep your edge, even when things get busy.


Rick is a national speaker, author, storyteller, professional development coach and entertainer—dedicated to helping professionals bring their human spirit to work. Visit ricklewis.co for speaking and https://medium.com/@ricklewisco for more writing.