I love this piece Rick, both the story (I'm laughing at this whole scene) and the takeaway message. I feel like it's a simple but not easy thing to do, lean into the awkward, cringe, possible embarrassment and show up to do the thing you love even before others are there watching.

Actually, I was just relistening to an episode of Jay Shetty's podcast and they were talking about how he did a presentation to an empty room when he first started out. His guest commented that it's a sign that he was in alignment with the thing he was meant to do. I feel the same way about you and your projects!

"And now I’m sharing my failure story, not because it’s comfortable, but because we’re all doubting ourselves behind our own plum tree, and someone has to walk into the clearing first." Ah yes! We all have our own comfortable plum tree that we need to step out of.

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