Win the Day

What makes you feel like you've "won" the day?

At Break a Rule we believe a day is won when we've made at least some degree of effort toward our most heartfelt wishes, toward something that brings us joy or meaning. A day lost is spent on complete autopilot, having made no effort toward discovering or serving our core purpose — our highest point of contribution in life. A day won includes at least one action taken from the heart of our shared human spirit.

Culturally we are not educated or encouraged to take action from that spirit. We tolerate indoctrination into social and organizational obedience that doesn't feel quite right, though we're uncertain about how to change it. Which is why learning to effectively break the hidden rules of our cultural conditioning is an essential activity if we want to reach our truest goals. I call this type of cultural rule breaking, Intelligent Misbehavior.

Many of us are not consistently "winning the day" — chiefly because we've lost a relationship to one thing.


If I've learned anything in the last 53 years as a juggler, acrobat, unicyclist, magician, business owner, father of three, husband of one, speaker, author, and comedian — it's the necessity of practice.

There is no escaping the fact — an extraordinary life requires extraordinary effort. That statement might make you think of running marathons, cramming for a final exam, fasting to lose weight, memorizing tomes of facts, or endlessly repeating musical scales on the instrument you've fantasized about learning to play.

What I'm actually talking about, however, is more akin to flossing than it is to marathoning. Extraordinary practice actually shows up in small, daily actions, that when reliably repeated, strategically enacted, and shared within the right community creates a culture of excellence - in families, in communities, and in companies.

That's what Break a Rule Training is all about. Creating a community of individuals who are devoted to collectively producing thousands of micro-wins each day, an extraordinary collection of lives that will create a revolution of positive engagement in domestic and working environments all around the world.

This is an invitation to join a community of change artists who are quietly dedicated to the extraordinary quality of life that arises out of reliable practice.

Small steps, consistently made, in the good company of others.

My commitment is to provide you with information, knowledge, studies, perspectives, and most of all relevant, useful, and simple practices that will inspire you to live a bigger YES and keep you oriented to human possibility rather than to the unconscious hidden rules of our culture that encourage mediocrity.

Sign up and engage your life in a whole new manner so you can rely on yourself to serve your own highest aims in the moments that count and the visions, projects, and organizations that you fully believe in — while having some fun besides.

Go ahead. Break a Rule. Win the Day.

Rick Lewis - Professional Misbehaver and Founder,Break a Rule Presentations and Trainings