This demo video provides an overview and introduction to the 3 parts of Rick's presentation for events.

1. His surprise comedy waiter routine.
2. The transition into his stage comedy show.
3. The conclusion of his presentation with an inspirational keynote about misbehaving intelligently to achieve excellence.

Extended clips of each component can also be viewed below.

Imagine your guests sitting down for lunch or dinner as their server approaches the table to refresh the water glass. Filling the glass to the absolute brim from a height of two-and-a-half feet, your guest is asked, “Is that enough water for you?” by a completely straight-faced waiter. Imagine the same waiter returning to the table throughout the meal and becoming more eccentric with each visit. In this first segment of his presentation Rick plays the role of an utterly inept server who breaks every rule of normal and expected behavior. By the end of the meal your guests have leaned to the left or right at least a dozen times to whisper to the person sitting next to them, “Did you just see what I saw?”

The result? Your guests connect with each other and they also begin a journey of awareness into how the unspoken rules of our culture shape our lives. And then suddenly an announcement is made by the hotel management. They have asked the new waiter to come forward and apologize for his behavior.

Nervously arriving on stage, the waiter stammers for words, but he is interrupted by a broadcast of show tunes over the loudspeakers. He is taken over by the mood of the music. As he sheds his uniform, the bright jersey of Rick the entertainer is revealed. Your audience will finally realize that the waiter is actually their headline act.

Rick uses his training as a performer and comedian to captivate and delight your guests. A master of audience participation, Rick gets your crowd completely involved in his circus stunts and comedy routines. As he balances objects, juggles and mounts a unicycle that is 12 feet tall, your audience gets the laughs and a powerful message at the same time - breaking the right rules is essential for organizational excellence. The audience are participants in Rick's message before it even begins. By the end of his comedy show Rick has the undivided attention of your audience.

Once the stage show has concluded Rick will transition into his speaking presentation. The theme of excellence is approached from a refreshing perspective; Intelligent Misbehavior is the foundation of personal and organizational success. As a professional misbehaver and author of "7 Rules You Were Born to Break", Rick will share his unique program that ensures both individual and organizational excellence, inspiring your audience to take positive action in their own lives and in your organization.


Hyatt Regency Case Study

Case study with the Hyatt Regency Hotels. Incentive Market Business Exchange Event.

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Taco Bueno Testimonial for Rick Lewis.

Break a Rule Excellence Conference Attendee

This video is of an attendee who recently experienced a Break a Rule half day workshop.

McLane Trucking Case Study and Testimonial

One minute case study. McLane Sunwest Corporation, Transportation Safety Awards Banquet.

Rick Interviews Kids

Professional misbehaver Rick Lewis interviews some kids to see how they enjoyed his show. Very cute.

Television Spots

Television Appearance Good Morning America Rick Lewis

Watch Rick serve tea to famous Good Morning America hosts Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden from his unicycle!

Rick Lewis Featured on the TV Show Money Matters

This episode of ‘Money Matters’ features professional misbehaver Rick Lewis, who makes his money doing what he loves: helping people to laugh and have fun.

Ladder Safety Commercial

Professional Misbehaver Rick Lewis was asked to help develop a physical comedy routine that would demonstrate the dangers and risks involved with the improper use of ladders.