Production Requirements

Stage Riser Height in Presentation Hall
  • A stage riser approximately 8' X 12' and not more than 18 inches high
  • If riser comes in sections these should be interlocking

Sound Production for Stage Show and Speaking Session
  • Wireless handheld microphone or lavalier lapel mic (UHF if possible)
  • Separate speakers (Not hotel house sound)
  • PC audio to onstage prop table for Rick's music

Lighting Production for Stage Show and Speaker Presentation
  • Any specials should be hung to the left and right of the performance area, rather than directly in front
  • House lights should be brought to ¾ full during performance and speaking presentation

Costuming Requirements for the Waiter Segment
The client arranges with meeting venue to provide:
  • Attire needed to match catering staff servicing the event - Sizes: Vest (L). Jacket (44)
  • Rick will provide his own black or white shirt, black pants, black shoes and basic black bow tie
  • If a special tie is required, this must be supplied by the client or catering department
  • A name tag with hotel or catering company logo if needed to match other staff

Pre-event Staff Meeting
Rick needs a brief 2 minutes with the banquet captain and all the server's gathered together prior to the event to explain to the hotel staff what he will be doing. Rick can be available for this during the standard pre-meal briefing that the banquet captain usually holds.