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  • "Rick Lewis provided the most captivating, engaging and eye popping performance I have seen in my 30 years of conference presentations. Even more impressive was his deep insight into human behavior, the culture we align to, its blessings and its curse. Using excerpts from his book, “7 Rules You Were Born to Break” Rick broke down obstacles to taking risks, gave inspiration to “stand out”, to be you and be different; and even taught a few men how to stop and ask for directions when in need of help. I have read it through twice now and will borrow heavily from the work in my leadership journey. I am forever changed! Hire Rick and get the book. You will not be disappointed. You are missing out if you don’t!" Denny's Restaurants President & CEO, John C Miller
    John C Miller, CEO Denny's Restaurants,
  • "I found 7 Rules You Were Born to Break a thoroughly enjoyable, accessible and useful read, featuring engaging stories that speak directly to the core issues that organization’s face. Lewis’s story-based messages resonate wholly with my experience as a CEO. His call for “intelligent misbehavior” is particularly relevant to anyone in a position of leadership. In order to foster real innovation we must reward the attempt to innovate, not punish failed innovation and supply even larger rewards for "successful" innovation. Powerful leadership necessitates letting go and tending to the building of relationships that empower others over the need for control. This book will remind every budding or veteran leader just how important it is to stand behind the original passion and vision that his or her organization was founded upon over and above the need to be win popularity from those who are watching from the stands." Partners RX President and CEO, Robert Field
    Robert Field, CEO Partners RX,
  • “Most business and self help books are filled with dry anecdotes of what to do. Rick Lewis has taken a different approach by teaching us the right way to break rules. His real life stories as a street performer jump off the page and provide colour where many times we see only black and white. His intelligent foresight into improving the way we think is different – he teaches us to find a path of honesty and a way to break rules that allow us, in the end, to think better. This is a book for all businesses who are courageous enough to think out of the box and who are committed to breaking unprofitable habits. We recently purchased 100 copies of his book for a staff function at which Rick presented and within minutes of announcing their availability the staff had rushed the stage to get every single copy. I highly recommend this easy and enjoyable read for any leader looking for the edge.” Divestco Corporation President & CEO Stephen Popadynetz
    Stephen Popadynetz, CEO Divestco Corp,
  • "It's rare you read a book about business and enjoy it as much as I did when I read Rick Lewis's "7 Rules You Were Born to Break". Rick shares his entertaining real-life stories to help you learn lessons about organizational growth that really stick. His engaging style of story-telling coupled with a relevant learning message achieve a "stick" factor that is unique, and it is what makes Rick's book stand out amongst many others. I have already passed his book to several colleagues for them to enjoy as much as I did." Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers CEO Peter Blake
    Peter Blake, CEO Ritchie Bros Auctioneers,
  • "Rick Lewis provides the stories and experience that give us what we are always searching for in organizations: new and innovative ways to show people their own behavior so that they can have that ‘aha’ moment that shifts their personal paradigm. Rick’s gift is humor, humility and an uncanny access to human beings and the barriers in our ability to work together effectively. I recommend this book to managers, business owners and every individual who is open to learning from a totally new vantage point." McDonald's Franchise Owner and Operator Dorothy Stingley
    Dorothy Stingley, Franchise Owner,
  • “Rick Lewis provides an entertaining, insightful and practical analysis of human potential and the hidden rules in our culture that limit that potential. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to get the best from others and from themselves. Anyone in a position of leadership will find his ‘rules’ especially useful. Lewis, a professional misbehaver and street entertainer, has turned in a one-man sociological study of original and fascinating order. As a sociology professor who has been at it for over thirty years, I was deeply impressed with both his observational skills and his rich cultural interpretation of human behavior. Who is this guy?” Professor Neil Guppy, University of British Columbia, Department Head of Sociology
    Neil Guppy, Sociology Professor,
  • "I loved the fascinating life stories that Rick uses throughout his book, they make his message real and relevant. Considering how to break the right rules, in the right way, and at the right time is a conversation that both educational leaders and learners of all ages could benefit from. As a senior corporate executive as well as the President of the Gilbert Education foundation I appreciate the universal value of Rick's message to any organization seeking excellence." Gilbert Education Foundation President - Blake Sacha
    Blake Sacha, President Gilbert Education,
  • Your book, and more importantly, enthusiasm and creativity have had a huge impact on my life, and you can bet that I've shared your story and the 7 rules with a number of people. Thanks for being a huge inspiration, I really enjoying waking up everyday and seeing what kind of mischief I can cause - for the better :)
    Matthew Rines,
  • I finally am reading your book and it’s so insightful. All the thoughts reflected in current organizational literature are in your book, and yours is much more engaging than the dry piles of scholarship I had to wade through in grad school.
    Grace Leaf, M.A., PHR, Community Colleges of Spokane,