For Your Event – Rick Lewis Professional Misbehaver


    As You're Dining

    Imagine your guests sitting down for lunch or dinner as their server approaches the table to refresh the water glass. Filling the glass to the absolute brim from a height of two-and-a-half feet, your guest is asked, “Is that enough water for you?” by a completely straight-faced waiter.

    Imagine the same waiter returning to the table throughout the meal and becoming more eccentric with each visit.

    In this first segment of his presentation Rick plays the role of an utterly inept server who breaks every rule of normal and expected behavior.

    By the end of the meal your guests have leaned to the left or right at least a dozen times to whisper to the person sitting next to them, “Did you just see what I saw?”

    The result?

    Your guests connect with each other and they also begin a journey of awareness into how the unspoken rules of our culture shape our lives.

    Suddenly an announcement is made by the hotel management. They have asked the new waiter to come forward and apologize for his behavior.

    After the Meal

    Nervously arriving on stage, the waiter stammers for words, but he is interrupted by a broadcast of show tunes over the loudspeakers. He is taken over by the mood of the music. As he sheds his uniform, the bright jersey of Rick the entertainer is revealed.

    Your audience will finally realize that the waiter is actually their headline act.

    Rick uses his training as a performer and comedian to captivate and delight your guests. A master of audience participation, Rick gets your crowd completely involved in his circus stunts and comedy routines.

    As he balances objects, juggles and mounts a unicycle that is 12 feet tall, your audience gets the laughs and a powerful message at the same time.

    Breaking the right rules is essential for organizational excellence.

    The audience are participants in Rick's message before it even begins.

    By the end of his comedy show Rick has the undivided attention of your audience.

    Concluding Keynote

    Once the stage show has concluded Rick will transition into his speaking presentation.

    The theme of excellence is approached from a refreshing perspective.

    Intelligent misbehavior is the foundation of personal and organizational success.

    As a professional misbehaver and author of "7 Rules You Were Born to Break", Rick will share his unique approach that ensures both individual and organizational excellence.

    Prior to the event Rick will conference with your group to understand your meeting objectives and tailor his speaking element to focus on the rule your organization could most benefit from breaking.

    Rick Lewis provides a keynote-experience that uses world-class entertainment and fun to drive home a practical and powerful message.

    Breaking the right rules is essential for excellence.

    Rick's presentation is a stand-alone product that will inspire your audience to take positive action in their own lives and in your organization.

    For groups wishing to maximize return on their presentation investment, Rick's book is a low-cost value add that will guide attendees to sustained change.


    Rick's new book reveals the secrets of a professional misbehaver who turned his passion for mischief into a successful career as an internationally renowned entertainer.

    In his rise from the streets as a juggler, jester and busker, to the banquet halls of the corporate elite as a headlining comedian, Rick Lewis faced the 7 hidden rules that oppose our fulfillment and success.

    Lewis guides us through the silent shadows of our rule oriented society through his performing stories, illustrating with warmth, humor and passion the unwritten laws that disempower us and which we must break to claim our birthright to excellence.

    Celebrities and a break-dancing dwarf, Santa Claus and CEOs, may never have shared a stage so equally as they do in Lewis's inspiring and remarkable tales.

    7 Rules You Were Born to Break is an exploration of 7 rules we unconsciously obey and the power of breaking them.

    From the top of his twelve-foot unicycle Lewis shows us how we can rise above mediocrity in our day to day lives and give our greatest hopes, aims and visions a fighting chance.

    Intelligent Misbehavior

    Rick's book is the foundation of his presentation work. In it he reveals the 7 hidden rules that we have unconsciously agreed to obey as a culture and he also shows how these rules undermine our potential for excellence.

    Intelligent Misbehavior is the willingness to challenge these hidden rules in our culture that compromise individual and organizational excellence. The phrase is trademarked by Rick whose personal experience working with over one million people over a thirty year period led him to coin the term.

    Rick's belief is that Actions of Intelligent Misbehavior (AIMs) must be practiced to overcome the influence of the 7 hidden rules.

    A self-proclaimed professional misbehaver and accidental sociologist, Rick Lewis currently presents his unique combination of entertainment, social commentary, and practical guidance for change to corporations, associations and educational institutions across North America.

    The 7 Rules You Were Born to Break are:

    • Be Normal
    • Avoid Mistakes
    • Be Independent
    • Stay Comfortable
    • Pretend You Don't Matter
    • Stay in Control
    • Be Popular

    Speaking Topics

    Individuals who break the 7 hidden rules and engage in Intelligent Misbehavior provide tangible value to the organizations they are members of. This is because the same practices that bring benefit to individuals also create growth in organizations.


    When being authentic is supported in any organizational setting over the need to fit in, communication channels open while misunderstandings and conflict decrease.


    When an organization’s members are supported and encouraged to take chances and engage reasonable risks rather than focusing on avoiding mistakes, innovation can occur.


    When individuals are willing to ask for help, overcoming the rule of independence, then teamwork becomes a possibility within a group.


    When the determination to achieve and reach goals is stronger than the need to remain comfortable, productivity results.


    Workers who accept their significance within an organization bring accountability to their group and transcend the 5th rule, pretending we don't matter.


    When building relationships is valued over the desire to force compliance from others and to stay in control, exceptional leadership emerges.


    When leaders are willing to risk their approval rating instead of being run by the need to be popular, the integrity of the organization’s vision can be preserved and realized.

Featured Misbehavers

  • AnnMayer on the daily practice, "Slow down."
    "I always forget to stop and say thanks for all the blessings in my life. I am so grateful for my family and friends. There are days when you think only the dog loves me, but that is so wrong. Today I’m making the promise to myself to stop for 5 minutes and count my blessings. Thank you, Rick, for reminding me of such an important thing to do."View original practice here.
    October 6, 2014,
  • Brenda on the daily practice, "Keep the conversation going."
    "This worked out really well with someone that I have experienced to be abrupt and difficult. I had one more thing to say and I asked myself “what good will come from it?” and I just smiled and didn’t say my one last thing…she seemed to expect an argument or at least a little resistance and I figured one of the reasons she is often so difficult is because she has other aspects in her life that she has absolutely no control over so this one little thing…let it go Bren."View original practice here.
    September 29, 2014,
  • Beverlee on the daily practice, "Say no in person."
    "I usually have a difficult time saying no because I like to help people. I find myself taking on more than I have time to do and then it stresses me out. Hmm……Today I said a definite “no” to taking on a more visible role regarding a large fundraising event that I have planned and carried out with a good friend and co-worker five times in the past. I will take a backseat on this one and help but not carry a larger load. Thanks for the reminder. It was timely."View original practice here.
    September 17, 2014,
  • "When you mentioned that, "on a unicycle, the only way you can get anywhere is to intentionally lean off balance, then pedal like mad to keep the wheel under you" that resonated with me. I teach organizational leadership, and caution them against "stability" -- saying that organizations need stimuli from outside to keep them fresh. So... as a reward to myself for losing 20 lbs, I've bought a unicycle! I'm working on learning how to ride it, and just might ride it onto the stage next time I talk! Thanks for the incentive and insight! - Rick Christ"
    August 25, 2014,
  • Gail on the daily practice, "Walk away from the story."
    "My husband was watching a motocross race on TV and I can’t say that I was inspired. I know, hard to believe. Rather than asking him to record it and change channels, I made him some popcorn then went to the other room and read a book."View original practice here.
    August 18, 2014,
  • Bonnie on the daily practice, "Fabricate the future."
    "My husband is a dreamer, ever since I met him he has always talked about how our future will be and looks forward to great things to come. Me, on the other hand, can sometimes barely get out of the box I call “today!” Yesterday I let myself dream for awhile, I actually thought about my children getting through college and finding their nitch in this world, grandchildren, retirement, a condo by the lake in Chelan and heck, maybe a place in warm sunny Arizona. This was a fun exercise and I may go back to that warm sunny place from time to time….I might as well, my husband is already there!"View original practice here.
    August 11, 2014,
  • Kathy Meyerson on the daily practice, "Repeat the impression."
    "On the evening of this break a rule practice I decided I’d rather listen to old records instead of turning on the TV. Sharing this experience with my husband, filled with nostalgia; it took me back to a simpler time, made me feel good to be alive and grateful that I could have this experience. Wow!"View original practice here.
    July 29, 2014,
  • Kathy on the daily practice, "List fears of completion."
    "I made a list of four things that I have fear of completing. I told one of them to a friend. Before I told her, though, I had a thought of how to overcome my fear of completion. She listened, and offered her own “fears” about the same goal. I shared with her my thought and she thinks it will help her also. This was a cool turn of events. This was a WOW B.A.R.! Thank you."View original practice here.
    July 21, 2014,
  • Jackie on the daily practice, "Underpack."
    "Today I accidentally did this practice! I left both my cell phone and my iPod at home. The horror! I was sure it was going to be an irritating and long day without them. What really happened, in fact, was I listened to Pandora, heard some AMAZING songs that I haven’t heard in ages and loved it! I also didn’t need my phone (I rarely do at work, it’s more of a security thing). And I survived! I also realized that I don’t “need” some of the things I think I need. It’s a very independent feeling."View original practice here.
    June 15, 2014,
  • gferrell on the daily practice, "Write a love letter."
    "Sent a love text to each of my three kids this morning, then read Mary’s idea of listing things she loves about her people. I now have three long lists of things I love about my kids and feel like I just got a big hug! Wish I had them all here right now for a big group hug!"View original practice here.
    June 23, 2014,
  • mlagerstrom on the daily practice, "Answer Immediately."
    "I responded promplty to alot of request and actually found that when I looked back and evaluated my reasoning it was more often than not the right thing to do. I did get a few more items off desk for the weekend. Have a wondrful one everyone."View original practice here.
    June 17, 2014,
  • Bridget Kariotis on the daily practice, "Fire a customer gently."
    "I had someone contact me with a question that I could answer, but it was not my expertise and if they would have had follow-up questions I could not have addressed those. So, I pointed them in the direction of the expert in that area so they could get all the info they needed."View original practice here.
    June 2, 2014,
  • Mary Gercke on the Daily Practice "Meet a future friend."
    "Within me is a deep longing to do urban sustainable agriculture in the city of Peoria. Things seem to be showing possibilities that that could occur down the road, but still the details are vague. A friend told me of one of her friends that has the same vision. I’m going to get the person’s number and start a dialogue with them. Who knows, maybe they are also looking for others with the vision." See original practice here.
    May 27, 2014,
  • Debbie Stafford on the Daily Practice "Make a debt payment."
    "I am wriring a “thank you” card to a few people who have guided me through storms in my life. Mine is a debt of the heart."See original practice here.
    May 19, 2014,
  • Sheryl on the Daily Practice "Move your voice."
    "I did this today at work. We tend to talk “over and through” the cubicle walls, but I got up out of my chair and walked over to my coworkers space and chatted with her. You are right, the feeling of really caring and being connected only happens when you can see each other face to face not just hear each other. Super misbehaver reminder!"See original practice here.
    May 13, 2014,
  • imrich316 on the daily practice, "Make the call."
    Today, when I thought something may have been upsetting to my husband, I asked the question, “How are you feeling right now?” His answer surprised me since he wasn’t upset at all. I learned that I don’t always know how he’s feeling even though I may think I do. Too often I don’t ask the people I love how they are feeling but instead, I operate from my own assumptions and conclusions without really knowing the truth for them. I am going to make a conscious effort to ask this simple question.View original practice here.
    May 5, 2014,
  • Jo on the daily practice, "Keep the look of disapproval."
    I like this challenge and practiced it on the way home and have thought about it many times since. The look of disapproval I give to other drivers also gives me a smug feeling, and a childish “did I just do that” sort of feeling. No one else really sees it/feels my stare of rath while driving except me. I know when I make a mistake while driving (and you know we all have at one time or another), I’m appreciative when the other person is congenial. You’re right, it is a waste of energy. I practiced this at...View full comment and original practice here.
    April 21, 2014,
  • Jesse Dean Smith on the Engagement Supplement "Examine Need for Permission."
    On the list I created, the item that grabbed my attention the most was asking permission to take time off of work. To me I see this as an obvious trap within the work culture at least in the United States. Perhaps some of us legally and contractually are obligated to go through some sort of request process for time off. Well, I did some research with this in my own contracts, and I found in the contracts with my current employers, that I am actually not required to “ask” for time off. Of course, I do need to request for paid time off and inform my employer about taking time off; however, I realized the way in which I...See full post and original practice here.
    April 6, 2014,
  • jdavis8303 on the Daily Practice "Plan for expression."
    "Whew! Monday was crazy day in the library, as well. First day of school, lots of new students, new employees, and a computer system that was a raggedy mess. As I always try to do in my customer service gig, I put on my smiliest smile and waded in. My first instinct was to be casually Jeff, but as the morning wore on, and stuff got wackier, I know I would need to choose desperate irritibility, or as Rick suggested, authentic. I went authentic because it was sitting right in front of me. I had so many folks coming at me with complaints and frustration, and I showed them genuine compassion, with a dash of humor, of course. Amazing results which I hope reverberated throughout their hectic days."See original practice here.
    April 1st, 2014,
  • Gayle on the Daily Practice "Admit the error."
    "In the office, we check and recheck placement testing scores in our system. I’m usually the one who checks the work of others. I put in some scores a couple of weeks ago and one of the work study students was checking the scores. She asked me if it was correct, and it wasn’t!!! I admitted immediately that I was the one who goofed, and this was a perfect time to explain that it’s okay to make mistakes and that’s why we always check and recheck. I thanked her and told her she did a great job in noticing the mistake. If she hadn’t caught it, the student would not have been able to register for a particular English class."See original practice here.
    March 24, 2014,
  • Dstafford on the daily practice, "Stop protecting the elephant."
    I confronted a wooly mammoth that has been in the room for over a decade- contacting my ex-mother-in-law. We had shared so much life together. So, my children were going to her house for a visit and I stumbled forth and asked one of them to give her a note telling her thanks for being a wonderful grandmother and how many beautiful memories I held in my heart of our time together. She sent me a card of thanks! My children are so relieved. Poof- wooly mammoth gone! Now I just have to clean up the room! May take some work – but I am up for it!View original practice here.
    March 17, 2014,
  • Debigriffin on the Engagement Supplement "unspectate."
    This exercise really hits home to me. I am terribly shy and keep to myself unless spoken to first. I can relate to the other comments, because I do fear looking stupid, saying the wrong thing, and so on. I have tackled the work environment and am able to conversate on a business level. But meeting people at classes, school events, social events……..I stick to the people I am well acquanted or I smile alot and wait for someone else to start a conversation. Then on top of that I have hard time keeping...See full post and original practice here.
    March 10, 2014,
  • Kathryn Yule on the Engagement Supplement "Share your title."
    "Taking Charge" -- my life would not be where it is today (in a very positive way) if I hadn't taken charge of soooo many events in my life. I refuse to let others perception of my life beat me.See original practice here.
    March 3, 2014,
  • Todd Korteway on the daily practice, "Share the Enjoyment."
    Great night one Skip and Rick! As I was snow blowing my drive out this morning it brought up a memory of the past of my old snow plow truck, what a beast it was sun bleached paint and extremely loud. My wife wouldn't even ride in it (ok once or twice) was such a beast. So I shared with my wife about all the memories that came about, all the crazy things that old truck did for me. It made me feel alive and energetic! Then the sad day came when there was so many things wrong that it would cost more to fix everything then it was worth. A young kid wanted to buy it and fix it up to plow snow... View full comment and original practice here.
    Feb. 24, 2014,
  • Tom Shor on the Engagement Supplement "Refrain from Advising."
    Well I caught myself this morning giving suggestions and advise. I have a small business that I'm selling and was speaking with a potential buyer this morning. I did what I always seem to do! I was telling him all the ways he can potentially earn money through this business. After I got off the phone and was thinking about the conversation, I realized that rather than keeping my mouth shut and listening to him, I was suggesting. I know that in sales, one is supposed to listen to the customer and then give them what they want. Instead, I was talking, and giving him what I would want! I don't know that it made any real difference in this case. but because of your assignment, I was enlightened as to a better way.See original practice here.
    Feb. 17 2014,
  • RaNita Parrish on the Engagement Supplement "Applaud the Effort."
    Today I had an oil change done on my daughter's car. The mechanic found a head light and a tail light bulb that needed to be replaced. I asked how long it would take. The customer service guy estimated 20 minutes. Well, the mechanic was done in 3 minutes, and when he brought the keys to the counter, I applauded him, and the customers in the waiting area applauded him too, AND the sales person didn't charge me the $20 for the bulbs...Sooooooo fun! I see that when we choose to break a rule and misbehave intelligently, others grant themselves permission to do the same and the results are wonderful!See original practice here.
    Feb. 10, 2014,
  • Kim on the Engagement Supplement "Enter the Space."
    I have avoided leaving a comment, although I've been doing the work everyday. It feels good entering an unfamiliar space, it is helping me to break down boundaries and fears that only exist bc I project them. For the most part people and spaces are harmless and will carry the enrgy we bring with us when we enter them. The engagement supplements have been really helpful. I missed a few of the calls, but am still very thankful for the engagement aupplements and would like to continue practicing them after the 21 days. The great thing about today's supplement is I have...See full comment and original practice here.
    Feb 3, 2014,
  • Joy Hamilton on the daily practice, "Examine Need for Permission."
    Wow. I thought this would not mean much because my list was fairly short. But the more I looked at it, the fewer 1s there were, and of the 2s, more and more kept appearing as really being up to no one but me--I had chosen to give over to others my decisions to act. I might actually have to wait or to depend on others for parts of projects, but the only one putting off even starting my part of the action was me. Hmm. As for the scariest (something I have semi-cheerfully left hanging over my head for... View full comment and original practice here.
    Jan 27, 2014,
  • Susan Dascenzi on the daily practice, "Share the enjoyment"
    After being off work for so long, I felt like it was my responsibility to simply do what I am asked and not say anything as I am deeply grateful they waited for me to come back. I truly owe my boss a lot and am thoroughly grateful to be a part of such an amazing team. Even though I feel that way, it's been a bit difficult returning as I have been asked to help out some colleagues in an area that is not exactly my forte. I have been feeling doubtful of my abilities to assist these individuals as this isn't one of my specialties. So I engaged the lead therapist in a conversation about how I am feeling and... See full comment and original practice here.
    Jan. 20, 2014,
  • Carole Willans on the daily practice, "Share the enjoyment"
    I shared with different work colleagues a special experience I had this Christmas, just a few days ago. My family is Roman Catholic. My daughter's boyfriend is Muslim and they just bought a house together, which makes him part of our family now. So my husband and I invited his family to join us for Christmas supper (turkey and all the trimmings). It felt really special to have five Catholics and four Muslims together to celebrate joy as a new kind of family at Christmas. Telling this story to... See full comment and original practice here.
    Jan. 13, 2014,
  • Crystal on the daily practice, "Have fun being wrong."
    Yesterday was defininitely the day for “up in the air” things to happen. My day started with realizing as I pulled into my parking spot that I did not have my purse. I had to call my daughter to bring it to me, Then let my co-workers now I would put my till (keys in purse) in as soon as my kid could save me. When she came she gladly let everyone know why she was here. We all laughed it off. Then I ended my day by calling security because my code to lock the store wouldn’t work. The nice security person came to help me & ask if he could see my code card... See full comment and original practice here.
    Jan. 6, 2014,
  • Colleen on the daily practice, "Use a familiar tool in a new way."
    Well here goes…I just recently hung an old insulator and wood peg in my kitchen as a towel holder. Similar to thishttp://www.etsy.com/listing/102570476/antique-glass-insulator-with-wood-peg I am currently making pillows out of my Dad’s old suede blazers (from the 50s) that each of my boys took turns wearing before they outgrew them. One of my son’s prized possessions is a Cougar Gold cheese can (from the 50s, when my parents were at WSU) that he keeps on his dresser as his pocket catchall. Then of course there are... View full comment and original practice here.
    Dec. 30, 2013,
  • Carrie KD on the daily practice, "Invite Reflection."
    This practice is a continuation of the work that I began last week and blogged about on this site a few days ago. Now I am doing more active listening, really trying to think about what the other person is telling me, and to not think about what I am going to say back to them while they are still talking. It takes a little more time to think about the info and process it, however, I think the outcomes are worth it. When I was younger I used to believe that a quick wit and quick comeback (after someone tells you something) was a sign of intelligence. Now I know that it is more intelligent to...See full comment and original practice here.
    Dec. 23, 2013,
  • bridgetkar on the daily practice, "Unfuse to connect."
    My husband and I are trying to buy a house; we are at the negotiations stage with the sellers. My husband is not happy with the way our real estate agents are handling/communicating with us. Last night he went to get our earnest money back from the agents to let them know that we are no longer going to play these games. I was embarrassed that he would be so forward with the agents, and that he was holding them responsible for something that is somewhat out of their hands. After the fact, I was tempted to... See full comment and original practice here.
    Dec. 16, 2013,
  • Bonnie on the daily practice, "Name your biggest challenge."
    I was struggling with a silly issue, holding it inside and lie awake at night blaming myself for something that happened recently. I told my daughter last night about it and she laughed and then cried with me. She reassured me that I was not responsible for what happened and I feel relieved that I was able to share with someone. Thanks for encouraging me to be free of my silly issues! See original practice here.
    Dec. 9, 2013,
  • Beverlee on the daily practice, "Stretch yourself"
    What a great reminder! I returned to my gym last night for the first time in a very long time. I rode a bike, stretched, etc. I felt re-energized. This morning I have been stretching my mind in doing a difficult, put off task and stretching my arms and body. With all the smoke in the air, we have probably been suffering from oxygen deprivation! It is good to stop, take a few deep breaths (indoors until the air clears), and stretch. Going to try yoga tonight! See original practice here.
    Dec. 2, 2013,
  • AnneMayer on the daily practice, "Swap “I feel" for “I think.”"
    Today I was looking for the right time to use “I feel.” This one was quite a challenge. Most of the time, I feel, “think” is viewed as being intelligent and “feel” as wimpy. Honestly I know some very intelligent people that have little emotional intelligence (just adding this part really don’t know if it has anything to do with the challenge). I did find the perfect time to pounce on the “feel” during a meeting I had this afternoon. I did have to stop myself from using the word “think” it so ingrained into... See full comment and original practice here.
    Nov. 25, 2013,
  • Debbie N on the daily practice, "List ulterior goals"
    This blog is perfect timing for me. Lately, as I have been healing in my journey to once again be single I feel I am finally ready to begin being Debbie again. I spent so many years being a wife and mother I forgot what I enjoy. I have felt I needed to find a hobby, a craft, a passion. Family and friends have brought up ideas, but nothing really feels right yet. Maybe i’m still in that mode of “just settling down”, “it’s okay to just relax”. Nevertheless, the past few days I have told myself possibly... See full comment and original practice here.
    Nov. 18, 2013,
  • gmarshall on the daily practice, "Change your mind"
    This goes right along with my decision to step out of the April performances. It was a mistake for me to think that I really wanted to be involved and now I’ll be emailing the Director to let her know that I’m stepping out. I know that she and many more will be disappointed but I’ve been making the mistake too much over the last few years of extending myself too much in order to please others. I’m just downright tired and I need to step up and make the decision that is not going to be popular amongst my peers and is very difficult to admit even to myself. See original practice here.
    Nov. 11, 2013,
  • gferrell on the daily practice, "Follow a speeder"
    I'm metaphorically following a speeder. We are trying to change a process in our office that we think will better serve our high school partners and students. Because I like to have everything perfect I sometimes move slower than I should. This time, I'm following the lead of our IT group - at their encouragement I have committed to a rollout date for our pilot schools. It may not be perfect to start, but I've shifted gears and moved to the fast lane. I'm feeling the excitement of change! See original practice here.
    Nov. 4th, 2013,
  • Jennifer on the daily practice, "Uncheck your email."
    I tried this for 2 days running, turning off emails for an hour 3 times a day, am noon and pm - did the first two hours, never did do the final one - until today I was able to turn it off for three separate hours during the day. For me, it would be easier to not focus on turning it off for a certain number of time periods, but to turn it off when I need to concentrate on projects, whether it was for 30 min or 2 hours. Trying to get 3 one-hour time... See full comment and original practice here.
    Oct. 28th, 2013,
  • Anna Gonzales on the daily practice, "Share a hidden strength"
    So, I contemplated for awhile yesterday what hidden strength I have that I could share with someone… As I mentioned before, I am a natural introvert who has learned to come out of her shell when the occassion calls for it. I share a lot of information, though nothing too personal with people unless I know them pretty well. I feel as if I have been on a long job interview with my position (the committee is just now meeting to determine who to interview – hopefully, I make the list). Anyway, I have spoken more about my... See full comment and original practice here.
    Oct. 21, 2013,
  • Amy Alyse on the daily practice, "Apply it forward."
    This one really resonated with me. I’m currently studying dance. My teacher is constantly offering suggestions for how to spend my solo practice time, and I’ve observed myself bristle at some of the suggestions that I’m “already doing.” This Break A Rule helped me realize that my reaction is a result of wanting “the points” for having thought of the practice technique without outside help (an example of trying to “Be Independent”). I had practice with my teacher last night, and I told myself that instead of putting... See full comment and original practice here.
    Oct. 14th, 2013,
  • Kathy Meyerson on the daily practice, "State you business."
    I have always pondered that if I had the money to start my own business, I would having something engaging that will gather people to exercise and socialize. I picture a large bouncy room, and another fun room that has WII bowling, dancing, all kinds of fun activities. Have someone to get people engaged in conversation and getting to know each other. When I was a kid in a small town in WA, our community had an annual May Day with races and games and the Maypole dance which was so fun to engage in. That is high on my list for next May…the maypole dance somewhere in my community! I like my current job but... See full comment and original practice here.
    Oct. 7th, 2013,
  • Jen Westra on the daily practice, "Get some rest."
    Rick, thanks for a perfectly timed practice!! I’ve been running pretty hard for about 2 weeks just trying to keep up with things and have felt very rushed, tired and cranky! After I read the practice, it helped me give myself permission to take a deep breath and slow down. I realized that the world wouldn’t come to a screeching halt if I was 2 minutes late to work, so instead of rushing around like a maniac, I took the time to actually get done what I needed to do. I tried to carry this with me throughout the day, too–instead of frantically rushing from one thing to the next, I deliberately tried to slow down and decide... View full comment and original practice here.
    Sept. 30, 2013,
  • Carrie Pearson on the daily practice, "Explore personal abnormality."
    I tend to be a work-aholic. I take my own responsibilities to get tasks completed and have a difficult time delegating tasks when I really do not have enough time to complete them all myself to the standard that I hold myself to. I just delegated some of my work tasks to a couple of colleagues that would be able to complete them just as well as, if not better than, I would be able to do on my limited time available. And if I could do anything I wanted that did not involve my “responsibilities” and who I’ve been up to this point... View full comment and original practice here.
    Sept. 23, 2013,
  • Gwen on the daily practice, "Hear the Problem."
    It wasn’t easy, and I could tell right away from this customers tone of voice that nothing I said was going to change her perception of what had transpired, so I chose to just apologize and ask for feedback in the future so that I could provide the quality of service she was expecting. Nothing would have been gained by me trying to explain what happened because it was water under the bridge at that point. It didn’t mater that I felt I had done everything I was expected to, she did not see it that way and nothing I said or did was going to change that. See original practice here.
    Sept. 16, 2013,
  • mlagerstrom on the daily practice, "Cry about it."
    The night I took my mom to ER due to the pain she was experiencing was very emotional and hard. It is really unnerving to see the person who is always strong and can handle everything get to the point that they ask to have you call the ambulancce. The moment when the doctor comes in and talks to you about the ultrasound they did of her abdomin that showed her breast cancer has masticized in her liver and bones. At 1am in the morning i was on auto drive, went to the 24 hour pharmacy got... See full comment and original practice here.
    September 9, 2013,
  • Pat Lee on the daily practice, "Make the goal worthwhile."
    This practice hit me full force! My business as a book writer and editor has grown based on my ability to buddy-up with someone who has credentials or status I don’t have. In a way, I’ve been hiding behind each person I team with — not willing or having faith in myself to step up and write solo. My goal is to claim my own full value as a writer and write a book myself. See original practice here.
    September 2nd, 2013,
  • Wanda Hansen on the daily practice, "Hear the problem."
    I work with children and parents I always try and listen to their problems and show concern and understanding for them listening and supporting them but at home in my personal life I tend to not listen with as much understanding wanting instead to to get to the point so I can say what I need to say too. So, this morning I called my husband and just allowed him to talk and not interrupting him, this was hard for me but it was nice to just see how he is doing as we work such different hours. See original practice here.
    August 26, 2013,
  • Enelle Crouch on the daily practice, "Shorten the shower."
    Fantastically! I’ve been using the practice in a number of different ways for the past two days. (1) I decided to forgo putting on a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket over a t-shirt when I went for a walk yesterday and today, which I usually do so I can stay comfortable while I’m generating body heat. When I’m warm enough I take it off and tie it around my waist so I’m not too warm. Instead I let myself feel the cool air on my body as I set out walking, which was actually invigorating and refreshing. (2) I brought part of my meal home in a doggy box when we went out to eat tonight instead of finishing... See full comment and original practice here.
    August 19, 2013,
  • teacherSheryl on the daily practice, "Renounce internet answers."
    I have been online reading up on a topic. This afternoon I went to the book store and spent 45 minutes searching and reading for a book on the topic. I found and bought one book. I did get side tracked with other books but reminded myself what I was going to focus on and managed to stay on topic. Books seem to be able to cover the topic more in depth which is what I was looking for in my online research. Thanks for the daily practice to encourage me to take the next step. View original practice here.
    August 12th, 2013,
  • Greg M on the daily practice, "A Personal Message about my Fear."
    100% 95% 50% The first number is most important, as it represents the value and the richness of the daily practices that you provide, thank you. The second number and the third number are relative to my situation and my own level of fear respectively (in simple terms, I control how much of the 100% of value I leverage into my day from the daily practices). I can tell you, that there are times (probably about 25% of the time) when the daily practice hits the sweet spot, and applies to my situation and my day with total alignment. And for this I am grateful for as it causes positive movement. As always Rick, thank you! View original practice here.
    August 5, 2013,
  • Kathy Meyerson on the daily practice, "Tempt Success."
    Yes, Rick, I did practice today (actually yesterday now) but only because of your question. I actually had forgotten about it. Maybe I need a big note on my mirror reminding me to practice. I felt like I was breaking through what has been stopping me because of challenging this and looking at it through break a rule. Thank you for asking me. As I got my guitar out of the case, I thought of the time that you sang and played your guitar to our group, and it was such a blessing to those of us who heard you. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get home from work today and play my guitar again! View original practice here.
    July 29, 2013,
  • Michael White on the daily practice, "Run for office."
    Hello Rick! Today’s blog rings especially true for me. I am now leading “Building a Healthier Chicago” as the new President of the Board of Directors. And, just this morning, I started a walking club, “Holy Walkamole!”, in my high rise building. Your advice is right on – I was not seeking a “position”, but seeking to serve. Warm regards, Michael View original practice here.
    July 22, 2013,
  • Rich on the daily practice, "Hit bottom."
    I have failed at maintaining a health weight all my life and until I read this yesterday morning I really did see it as a failure. It was my DNA, my upbringing, my childhood of the clean plate club, my way of not dealing with reality and it certainly was not my fault. But as a 46 year old adult I have failed to take responsibility of my body, eating and exercise, I own that and no one else. The buck stops here. To look the full reality of that part of my life and admit that I have failed big time is a place I can draw a line in the sand and say no more. Thanks Rick for this practice! View original practice here.
    July 15, 2013,
  • SAUBees05 on the daily practice, "Pack and move."
    This weekend I looked over at the exercise bike at the far end of the dining room and thought “I have used this a few times, but it isn’t enough. What can I do to motivate me to use this more?” So I moved it… directly in front of the TV, right in the middle of the living room. It’s between the couch and the TV. So now, when I’m sitting on the couch, I have to look over it to watch the TV. I have ridden it twice (not for long as I’ve been a little on the ill side) but it’s much easier to see the TV from on the bike than behind it AND if I’m sitting on it, I might as well do something, right?!
    View original practice here.
    July 2, 2013,
  • Enelle Crouch on the daily practice, "Add some color."
    On a recent visit to my youngest sister across the country I confided that I was tired of being committed to invisibility. Before I left she gave me a pair of flowing floral-pattern pants in shades of purple and turquoise, completely outside my “comfort zone.” As of this morning they were still sitting in my closet, tags intact, waiting for the “right occasion” to be worn. When I read today’s practice I took them from the closet, cut off the tags, and put them on. I’m wearing them as I write. They’ve already put sunshine in a gray Pacific Northwest day. Now for the courage to give them their public debut!
    View original practice here.
    June 24, 2013,
  • Kathy Meyerson on the daily practice, "Do your real work."
    I’ve been wanting to start a folk singing song circle so this was a great reminder to get on it! I used to go to song circles in the Seattle area and really enjoyed them. My goal is to start one this September and have it be monthly. Therefore, the sooner I get started – to make that happen – the better. I emailed someone who I believe can help me get this rolling and since that only took five minutes, I spent fifteen minutes going through the song book and trying to figure out the chords on my guitar – beginner that I am it is not easy!
    See full comment and view original practice.
    June 19, 2013,
  • gwen on the daily practice, "Record Yourself."
    Funny! Just last week I went with a co-working who was learning to do videos of people doing their jobs. This is something we do with our work and is kind of fun to do! This was her first time running the camera, so I was there for back up and to kind of provide direction with what to film. Needless to say I was in some of the video (with sound, so even if you couldn’t see me, you could hear me)! I have had to watch and re-watch the video over the past few days to edit it to a usable form. Yes, I edited me out completely. I ususally hate...
    See full comment and view original practice.
    June 13, 2013,
  • Corishory on the daily practice, "Invite reflection on progress."
    Feedback went well. Some was completely what I expected and what I have been focusing on . Other comments were somewhat surprising and didn’t realize I had grown in that way or touched a life in that way! Very cool! They even gave me a few things they would like to see me do more and have room to improve. Good stuff-thanks for the practice!
    See full comment and view original practice.
    June 8, 2013,
  • bridgetkar on the daily practice, "Move Your Voice."
    Working in a cube area it’s easy to talk over the wall to my co-workers. It’s easy to chat over the wall to each other. I have noticed when get up and walk around to talk to my co-worker, there is a connection on a different level…it’s much more personal AND it allows me to see the person’s body language and get additional insight. I may see a change in the person’s body language and ask some additional question and get information I would have otherwised missed. Today I have, and will continue to make a point to get up and talk to people face-to-face.
    See full comment and view original practice.
    May 30, 2013,
  • carrie.pearson on the daily practice, "Take the exit."
    I am sometimes amazed at how these come out at just the right time. I took a “me” day today to get my house in order for the summer (have a new ‘nanny’ starting and want things in order before they go back to disorder). But, it is also beautiful outside. So, I got up early and got a head start on things so that a friend and I can swing a leg over our scoots and hit the road. Where are we going? I don’t know… I’m thinking I’ll spin around with my eyes closed and my finger out and end up going the direction I’m pointing right before I fall down."
    See full comment and view original practice.
    May 24, 2013,
  • SAUbees05 on the daily practice, "Share the real reason."
    I do this a lot. I come up with reasons that “sound good” or that make me feel better about a decision I am making that might not be the best one. This morning I was not running late in the slightest but instead of making my breakfast ahead of time and taking it to work, I extended out all of my other tasks and then convinced myself I “had” to pick up something on the way to work otherwise I would be running late. Truth? I did not WANT to make anything. What I wanted was a breakfast sandwich from the fast food place. So I made up other reasons which were a complete lie and I even manipulated the situation to back up my false claim. All because I didn’t want to say “I want fast food darn it!” ... See full comment and view original practice.
    May 16, 2013,
  • spfleder on the daily practice, "Talk to yourself."
    I didn’t realize but I do this frequently- the voices inside my head… but I rarely do it aloud. I thought 3 min was going to be a long time but, I was just really getting going when my alarm went off. I could have gone on longer but had some calls I needed to make. I found this exercise to be encouraging and as the article pointed out a way to motivate. I was talking over some goals that had just been ideas before. Now they were more concrete. I have always advocated talking over what was going on with our work because things become more clear when said aloud- I always thought i needed someone to do that with, now I realize I don’t! Thanks for the exercise! View original practice.
    May 8, 2013,
  • teacherSheryl on the daily practice, "Challenge Invisibility"
    Bing! Just when I did this during the training I was in this morning...I heard the "bing" of that was a rule I just broke...I started off by stating some positive attributes of the group even in this tough economic time of our program. We are gelling like a real team supporting the new people along the way. I suggested we each add a kudo to the list. I called on one person who was trying to be invisible. She was able to share. (The group was only 8 people so she couldn't hide for long but I called on her before the others spoke.) I think she was a bit nervous since she is new to our team but I hope she knows we are a safe group and her opinion is valued from this experience. View original practice.
    May 2, 2013,
  • gferrell on the daily practice, "No Reflection on You"
    I'm the girl who takes makeup, curling iron and blow dryer on camping trips. My wonderful husband bought a generator just for me. I don't leave my bedroom until I have showered and fixed myself for the day. My 72-hr emergency kit has makeup and a mirror in it (I heard that in a disaster situation if mom doesn't look like normal it was even more upsetting to the kids). Needless to say, I failed this exercise the first time I used the ladies room with that big mirror in front of the sinks. I'm not a person who is constantly checking the mirror and touching up... but a a two-second mirror check to make sure my mascara isn't "migrating" is a better option...View original practice and full comment.
    April 29, 2013,
  • Norma Jean on the daily practice, "Adopt a Child"
    Today’s exercise is a little more difficult for me as I am not around children much. I usually engage them when I am because I enjoy them. Even today when I went to Wal-Mart, at lunch, I didn’t come across any children. Unusual. However, after lunch I had a visit from a former student who has returned to town. She started coming in to see me again a few weeks ago when I was out of town. She has come back several times since. This former student has some severe mental health challenges. Most people try to ignore or make their way away when she comes in. I will always talk with her and hear her out...View original practice and full comment.
    April 23, 2013,
  • Jen Westra on the daily practice, "Fail Faster"
    There is a local running group that I have been wanting to join but haven’t pursued, because I’ve been too intimidated (the group name is the “Swifts” for crying out loud!), and yesterday I had the opportunity to go to their practice. All day I battled with myself about whether or not to go, because what if I couldn’t keep up, and what if they didn’t think I should be there, and all that other fun stuff we all tell ourselves in our head. But I did go . . . and absolutely failed, in that I was dead last in all the workouts . . . but it was so great!! Everyone there was SO nice and encouraging...
    View original practice and full comment.
    April 17, 2013,
  • Peecekeeper on the daily practice, "Don't Tell Them So"
    I have some temporary part-time help in our office that has been challenging just because she is new. I laughed out loud when this practice came up because it was definitely talking to me. I have been very conscious of writing as many directions as possible, rather than rattling things off to her. Even then, there are a lot of repeat questions while she gets used to our processes. Thank you for giving us an "out" to trying to control the situation and failing miserably because we cannot control other people's actions.
    View original practice and all comments.
    April 12, 2013,